Friday, 11 April 2014


Hi here is my paragraph about swimming I hope like it

 I love swimming! This term I had 8 lessons with some amazing instructors. They taught me lots of skills,and my technique is getting better and better. We learned to kick properly by using fast pointy feet. We did rocket arm circles to get better at swimming. (Rocket arms means to put your arms in the air to get better.) We learned to float on our backs with our fluted board on our legs “The instructor said get ready for rocket arms”. On the last day of swimming we had to do relay race,we had to get into groups of 6 we had to swim a whole length of the nice warm pool. we were all tired because it was a little bit hard. I couldn’t swim the whole way but I tried and I made it. Once we finish our relay race some free time for 7 minutes. we were all were all so exhausted we felt we felt like going to sleep. Thanks Mr Burt for paying for professional coaches to teach us.


  1. Hi Melenoa!
    My name is Ty Walker and I'm a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. Thank you for sharing your experience with the world! You did a great job of explaining the techniques that your instuctors used and of how to execute them. This post could possibly inspire someone who is afraid to take lessons to try something new! Would you like to take more lessons? Do you think you would ever want to compete in a swimming competition?

    1. yes I would take more lesson and I would compete in a swimming competition